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Midnight Rendezvous part 2

He stopped several feet away to admire her. The way her hair fell in soft waves down her back, the way her shirt hugged her curves.  The way her jeans fit her like a second skin. How he wanted to have her naked beneath him right now.  They have been meeting like this for almost six months now and every time he saw her, he wanted her even more. They always met at the same spot on the beach at exactly at midnight.  They would talk until they grew tired and occasionally they would steal a few kisses.  Every time they would met Jeff wanted more; more time with her, more kisses, just more of her. 

Shawna was thinking along the same lines as Jeff as he stood there watching her.  She enjoyed every moment she spent with him, but she wanted more.  She wanted him so bad, but she didnt know how to tell him. The few kisses they stole here and there werent enough anymore.  Shawna came here tonight to tell him exactly how she felt, to tell him she was ready to become his, but as he stood there watching her she became very nervous for some reason.  She knew he wanted her as much as she wanted him, she has felt his hard on on more than one occasion. Remembering those time made her extremely wet and she began to fidget. 

Jeff approached Shawna and sat down, never taking his eyes off of her. He got as close to her as humanly possible, without being on top of her.

"Hi, how was your day today?" Jeff asked her.

"The girls and I got in an argument again. They can be such slobs sometimes. I just wish they would clean up after themselves, other than that my day was ok. How was your day?" Shawna replied exasperated.

"Mine was pretty uneventful. Shot a few promos, had an autograph signing, ate, came home, made some phone calls, and then came to see you." Jeff said smiling.  I want her so bad, he thought, but not until shes ready

They fell into a comfortable silence as they usually do every night. Shawna was contemplating on telling Jeff that she wanted to take their relationship further, she just didnt know how to tell him, so she decided to throw caution to the wind and jus tell him.

"Jeff", she started, "umm, I have something I want to tell you. I dont really know how to say this, so Im just going to come out and say it." She paused, gathering her courage. 

Jeff didnt know what to think, he didnt know what she could possibly want to tell him.  He hoped she wasnt going to tell him she didnt want to see him anymore, he didnt think he could bare it. He sat there waiting patiently for her to begin again.

"We've been coming to this spot every night for six months now, and I feel like you know me better than anyone, I also feel like Ive gotten to know you fairly well. I wanted to tell you, I think Ive fallen in love with you and I want you to make love to me." she said the last part in a rush.

Jeff sat there for a moment before his brain registered what she had just said. She loves me, she really just said that she loves me. Jeff felt a warmth spread throughout his whole body, he couldnt have been happier, but what was that last part she said, she didnt say what I think she said, did she?

"You want me to make love to you?" Jeff asked her slowly, wanting to make sure he heard her right. 

"Yes, Im ready, I want you, Jeff." Shawna replied hesitantly.

Jeff silently thanked God and moved his mouth to hers, kissing her with all the passion in his being. He slowly moved his mouth over hers, savoring her taste. Shawna opened her mouth to allow him access, she inhaled sharply at the sensation. This kiss wasnt like the others, there was so much want and passion in this one, it made her head swim.  Shawna wrapped her arms around his neck and moaned, deepening the kiss. Jeff moaned in response and pulled her closer, letting her feel the affect she had on him against her leg. Jeffs hands began roaming up and down her back.  One hand went to the nape of her neck and the other went to dip into the waist of her jeans so he could cup her gorgeous behind. 

Shawna put her hands in Jeffs hair and pressed herself to him as she moaned. Although the kiss was exquisite, she wanted more. She broke the kiss reluctantly and began slightly gasping for air. Jeff began to speak, but she placed her finger to his lips and shook her head. He opened his mouth and sucked her finger inside and began sliding his tongue around the tip sensually. Shawna gasped at the sensation. She gently pulled her finger from his mouth and stood up. Jeff looked at her quizzingly.  Shawna grasped the bottom of her shirt and pulled it up and off her body.  Jeff gasped at her beauty.  Jeff quickly stood. 

"Would you mind if I did that?" he asked huskily.

Shawna couldnt speak, so she just shook her head. Jeff placed his hands on her shoulders and hooked his fingers in the straps of her bra and slide them down her shoulders.  He then reached around her to unsnap it and she let it fall to the sand.  Jeff stepped back slightly  and admired her perfect breasts. He couldnt help himself as he leaned forward and took a perfect tip into his mouth and began to gently suck. Shawna moaned and grasped his head to keep him in place.  Jeff gently bit, licked, sucked, and flicked her nipple until it was rock hard, only then did he move to the other one to do the same thing. Shawna was getting weak in the knees at the pleasure he was giving her.  Jeff stopped abruptly and began jerking his clothes off.  Shawna got even more turned on at his actions, just knowing he wanted her so bad he couldnt hardly wait.  She just as quickly removed the rest of her clothes. 

Jeff arranged his clothes on the sand so that Shawna could lay down.  He lay down on top of her and kissed her again. Shawna could feel his arousal between her legs and she opened her legs further.  Her hands were roaming his back and ass. Jeffs hands were gently pinching her nipples making them harden even more.  He was so turned on he was in pain. 

"I cant wait any longer, I need to be inside you now." Jeff rasped. 

"Yess, now, I need you now." Shawna replied breathlessly.

Jeff raised his body slightly  and grasped his hard on and gently rubbed himself along her slit, moaning at how wet she was. He positioned himself at her opening and gently began to push into her. He got about an inch and a half of his member inside her and had to stop, to regain control of his body. Shawna looked at him above her, she saw the tautness on his face as he fought for control. She wanted him to move so bad she couldnt stand it. She raised her hips slightly and he slipped deeper inside her. Jeffs eyes snapped open and looked down at her. 

"If you do that again Im going to lose it." he said tensely.

"Right now I want you to fuck me, we can make it last longer later." Shawna said just as tense.

Jeff groaned and slide the rest of the way inside, again stopping to regain control.  After a few moments he began to move slowly, Shawna wrapped her legs around his waist and he went even deeper inside her. The pleasure was too much for Jeff and he began to move faster and harder.  Shawna threw her head back and moaned loudly.

"YESS...OH, Jeff....Yes!!" she cried out.

Jeff began sweating profusely as he slammed into her harder and faster. She was so tight, he couldnt believe he was lasting this long, but he wanted her to cum first. He slowed his pace slightly and reached between their bodies and began rubbing her clit. Shawna began to see flashes of light. He felt so good, she was so close to her release she could almost cry. A few flicks of his fingers across her clit sent her over the edge. Her muscles began to contract  almost painfully. Jeff could feel her muscles clamping around his member so tightly he thought her body was going to push him out, but he pushed himself in deeper and held on to his control a moment longer. He felt her body calming a little and began thrusting again. He began slow and then increased his speed until he couldnt  fight it any longer.  He thrust a few more times and then spilled himself deep inside her.  The feeling of Jeff cumming insider her caused another orgasm to course through her body. Jeffs body calmed slightly and he moved off of Shawna gently, so as not to hurt her.  They lay beside each other until their heart beats returned to normal. 

"That was amazing." Shawna said breathlessly.

"Yes, it was." Jeff replied.

Shawna lay there thinking about their future, if there was a future. She couldnt imagine her life without him, especially after what they just shared. She turned her head to look at him, God he is so beautiful, she thought.

"Jeff, I dont mean to ruin the moment, but I dont want you to think this is a one night stand. I meant what I said earlier, I really do love you. I cant imagine my life without you." Shawna said with tears in her eyes.

"I love you, too. I dont want this to be a one night stand, either.  I dont want to live my life without you. Will you be my girlfriend, Shawna?" Jeff said as he wiped a tear from the corner of her eye. 

"Yes, oh, yes, I will be your girlfriend." She said as she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him.

The end.

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